Are Cats Smarter Than Humans? Answered!

Are cats smarter than humans? Cats are one of the most intellegent and smart creature in the animal kingdom, however they are not smarter than humans. If compared with humans, they have a similiar intelligence of a 2 year old baby. However, according to a recent study, researchers found that cats are able to learn and remember more than us, thanks to their superior memory skills. So if you’re ever in doubt about who’s smarter, just ask your cat!

Are cats smarter than humans?

To be particular to this question, the answer is no. Humans are believed to be the most intelligent species, an adult cat’s intelligence or IQ is comparable to two-year-old human babies.

Animals who demonstrate a wider range of emotions and higher forms of communication are often considered more intelligent. Well, it can be said they are smarter than many other animals.

They’re better at remembering things and solving problems with items they can access in their surroundings. Cats also have a wider range of emotions which includes affection, anger, contentment, curiosity, excitement, and fear.

Are cats smarter than humans

How does your cat’s brain work?

Cats have an average of 130 to 150 million neurons, the cells that are involved with thinking, planning, and complex behavior. Cats have 8 times more neurons than dogs.

Dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons whereas cats have roughly about 1 billion.

It is said that one of the reasons why cats can learn so quickly and remember so well is because their brain has a significant number of neurons in the cerebral cortex, which controls sensory perception.

The brain of a cat weighs about two inches and is about two inches long, weighing 0.9 to 1.1 ounces and taking up 0.9 percent of their body mass, but it’s surface folding and brain structure that is most essential in determining intellect. Feline intelligence is fueled by power.

Brain comparison between a human and a cat.

A cat’s brain is smaller than a human’s, but its brain can actually hold more information.

While the brains of dolphins and humans are larger in comparison to their body size, cats have a higher number of neurons in their cerebral cortex compared to other mammals; this means that they are able to problem solve quickly.

It has also been shown that cats can notice small details of their surroundings, an ability called ‘visual cliff. Cats are able to judge distances better than dogs and humans because they can tell how the ground is curved.

They know when they are on an uneven surface or something that’s too dangerous to walk on.

Cats also have a great sense of hearing, smell, and touch. A cat can hear high-pitched noises that humans cannot, their sense of smell is 14 times greater than humans, and they have whiskers on his face to help him feel the slightest bump in the dark. Cats also have superior memory than us.

It’s not really bigger or smaller it just does different things. Cats have a hippocampus that is larger than that of humans.

The hippocampus is responsible for navigation and the formation of memories, every species has a different size of each part because they serve different functions.

The cerebral cortex in a cat’s brain is large enough to be compared with that of monkeys or even small children. Their brains are more like ours than like dogs’.

Cats’ brains do not have the prominent pre-thought markings that dogs’ brains do.

Cats might sleep for 70% of their life but sleep is not really unimportant to them, they need at least 1/3 of their day to be spent sleeping so they can restore energy and focus on their other activities.

Cats and humans bond through social cognition, they actually want to be around us and need us for their survival and their well-being.

Cats can even imitate each other’s facial expressions and behavior. They also like to imitate humans, such as how we walk or talk (although this might seem like a bad thing). Cats have even been seen imitating human yawns!

Intelligence in cats can be measured by their ability to solve problems, which is affected by their motivation.

While a cat might not come when called if they are not hungry, they could easily find their way home if there was somewhere to get food or escape danger. Overall, cats do much better than other animals in problem-solving tests.

How smart can your cat be?

The more social a cat is the smarter it might seem, they like being around people often because they are easy prey which makes them feel safer with people around.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all cats are less intelligent if you do not see them playing with toys or seeking attention from their owners.

Cats can be trained to do things such as come when called and even learn tricks such as how to sit, stay and lay down.

These cats are the ones who tend to enjoy playing with toys and receiving attention from their owners.

Final words

So, while cats may not be as smart as humans per se, they are definitely smarter than other animals in their category. And this is due largely to the fact that we train them – cats don’t really train us.

They just need a little direction and they can achieve some pretty impressive feats! If you want to see your cat reach its full potential (smartness-wise), make sure to take the time to train it properly. Being highly intelligent they learn and remember quickly.

It’s time to give your cat the love it deserves. Cats are highly intelligent animals that deserve just as much attention and care as their human companions, but they can’t tell you what they need or how they’re feeling without some help from us humans.

The next time you see a stray cat outside, don’t run away; instead, approach them with kindness and offer food if possible.

If this is too difficult for you at first, petting them through an open window may be easier than trying to hold one of these skittish creatures in your arms.

You’ll feel good about doing something kind for another living being while also discovering which type of treats make cats purr the most loudly!

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