Can You Keep Cockatiels With Finches?

When it comes to keeping birds as pets, many people have many questions. One of the most common questions is whether or not different types of birds can live together.

If you have cockatiels and want to give them another bird to live with, you should know what birds are compatible with them.

Fortunately, cockatiels are docile, passive, social birds. It means you can keep your cockatiel with a young bird without fear of problems.

The most common question many pet bird owners have is; Can You Keep Cockatiels With Finches?

The quick answer is yes. You can keep cockatiels with finches because they are both small, social birds. Cockatiels and finches share a lot of similarities. They are both small birds that love to socialize.

In the wild, they live in flocks and love to be around other birds. They will likely get along if you put them together in the same cage.

However, ensuring that one bird does not dominate or aggressively pursue the other is crucial. Cockatiels and zebra finches (or other finches) are gentle species, so depending on their personalities, they can get along, though it is best to keep birds of similar sizes together.

Tips For Keeping Cockatiels And Finches Together

If you’re thinking about adding a zebra finch to your family of cockatiels, the following are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Cage Size

One of the most crucial things to consider when keeping different types of birds together is cage size. If you keep cockatiels and finches together, you need to ensure that the cage is big enough for both birds.

The rule of thumb is to provide at least two square feet of cage space per bird. So, if you have two cockatiels, you should have a four-square-foot cage. If you add a finch to the mix, you should have a six-square-foot cage.

The cage should also have plenty of perches and toys for the birds to play with. It will help keep them occupied and prevent boredom.


Another essential thing to consider is diet. Both cockatiels and finches need a diet that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

You can either buy a commercial bird food mix or make your own. If you make your bird food mix, include various foods.

You should also provide fresh water for the birds to drink. It’s essential to change the water daily to prevent bacteria from growing.

By following these tips, you can successfully keep cockatiels and finches together in the same cage in your home.

What Birds Can Be Kept With Cockatiels?

As mentioned above, Cockatiels are docile birds well-known for their social behavior and passive nature.
They need a companion, either another bird or their owner. That means you shouldn’t have problems housing your cockatiel with other small bird species.
There’s no way to tell beforehand what type of bird your cockatiel will get along with, but a few varieties are commonly successful with cockatiels.
Birds such as budgerigars, red-crowned parakeets, turquoise, scarlet-chested zebra finches, princess parrots, king parrots, and Bourke parrots pair well with cockatiels. In the same aviary, cockatiels can live peacefully with these birds (as long as they don’t breed).
However, some experts recommend against keeping parakeets and cockatiels together because of their size differences.
Budgies can also make good companions for cockatiels. Budgies and cockatiels are native to the same region in Australia; therefore, they may get along well.
Avoid house cockatiels with lovebirds, canaries, or larger birds such as larger parrots.
It is not advisable to keep cockatiels and lovebirds together because lovebirds can be very aggressive while cockatiels tend to be more passive.
While Cockatiels live alone, they are very social creatures. They will need extra human attention if they don’t live with another bird.
Cockatiel owners should remember that if they decide to get a companion for their pet, their pet may become less bonded to them and more bonded to the other bird.

What Kind Of Birds Can Live With Finches?

You can keep budgies, doves, parakeets, canaries, button quails, and lovebirds with finches. These birds are all small and friendly.
Finches do well in social environments and will appreciate the company of other birds.
You can keep finches with other birds if both species’ temperaments and body size are similar and if both species have identical requirements such as dietary, housing, etc.
Remember, never put finches with hooded parrots) in the same cage or aviary.

Can Parrots And Finches Live Together?

No, it would be best if you never put parrots and finches together in the cage. But it’s okay for parrots and finches to live together if they’re kept separately.
Since birds are highly territorial creatures, pairing them together may lead to several problems. For example, parrots are large birds, while finches are smaller birds.
Parrots have powerful beaks that can easily crush a smaller bird like a zebra finch. In addition, parrots are more aggressive birds. They may attack and kill the zebra finch out of jealousy or boredom.
So, if you’re going to keep parrots and finches together, keep them in separate cages.

Can Finches Mix With Other Birds?

Yes, finches can mix with other birds. They often do so in the wild. Finches are generally very social creatures and like to be around other birds.
As I’ve mentioned, some good birds to keep with finches include the Canaries, Doves, Parakeets, budgies, button quails, and lovebirds. These birds are all small and friendly.
When keeping other birds with finches, ensure the cage is large enough for them all. You also need to provide plenty of perches and toys for the birds to play with.
Aside from that, it’s essential to remember that not all bird species get along well. So if you have more than one type of finch, it’s vital to ensure they all get along well before putting them together in the same cage.
Otherwise, you may have injured or dead birds on your hands.

Final Words

I hope this article has helped answer your question, “Can you keep cockatiels with finches?”

Cockatiels and finches can be kept together in the same cage with proper care and attention.

Cockatiels can make great companions and live happily together if you keep them with the right companion.

Choosing a companion bird carefully, providing a healthy living environment, and gradually introducing the new family member can create an ideal housing arrangement for your cockatiels.

You will need a larger cage or even an aviary to keep the two different species together. Also, keep an eye on the birds to ensure they get along and that there is no bullying.

If you notice any aggression, then it’s best to separate the birds.

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