Can You Keep Zebra Finches With Budgies?

As a pet owner, if you already have budgies and just got zebra finches, you may wonder if they can get along.

Mixing different birds can create problems for some bird owners, but some species can live peacefully in the same aviary.

So, can you keep zebra finches with budgies?

The answer is no. It is not a good idea to keep zebra finches and budgies in the same cage, even though both bird species are friendly. That’s because budgies are much more aggressive than zebra finches.

This difference in personality means that budgies can become aggressive towards zebra finches and may seriously harm or even kill them. In addition, budgies are very territorial and may not take kindly to another bird invading their space.

Therefore, we recommend that you never mix budgies with any other bird species unless you have a large cage. Cockatiels are the only bird species we recommend combining with your pet budgies. However, remember that you’ll need a large aviary.

Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question, “can you keep zebra finches with budgies?”

Mixing birds can be tempting, but not all birds get along. So keep reading to know what problems you might encounter when housing budgies and finches together!

Problems With Housing Finches And Budgies Together

Some pet owners have successfully kept finches and budgies together without any problems, however, some people have experienced problems pairing these two bird species.

Here are some potential problems you may face if you try to keep zebra finches and budgies together:

Behavioral Problems

As mentioned earlier, budgies are more aggressive birds than zebra finches. That means budgies may become aggressive towards zebra finches and even harm or kill them. Budgies are also territorial and can not tolerate other birds invading their territory. It can lead to fighting and even bloodshed.


Zebra finches are tiny birds compared to budgies. This size difference can create problems because budgies see zebra finches as another bird trying to invade their territory. A budgie may attack a zebra finch if it perceives it as another bird.


Finches and budgies also have different housing needs. Zebra finches need a larger cage than budgies because they are more active. Budgies also need more perches and toys than zebra finches. If the two birds are not appropriately housed, it can lead to problems such as fighting and stress.


Finches and budgies have different dietary needs. For example, zebra finches need a diet higher in protein than what budgies need. This difference in diet can lead to problems if the two bird species are not getting the proper nutrition.


Finches and budgies are susceptible to several diseases. If one bird gets sick, it can spread the disease to the other. However, it can be a severe problem because some conditions are deadly.

As you can see, there are several potential problems that you may face if you try to keep zebra finches and budgies together. That’s why we recommend that you never try to mix these two birds unless you have a large aviary.

Do Zebra Finches Get Along With Birds?

Zebra finches are very social birds and get along well with other species. They can get along with different varieties of finches and also do well with some larger birds.

In the wild, these finch birds live in flocks of about 100 birds. Domestic zebra finches can also get along with other types of pet birds if introduced correctly.

The key to a successful introduction is ensuring that each bird has food and water dishes and plenty of space to move around. It’s also essential to monitor their interactions closely at first to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Once they have been properly introduced and seem to be getting along well, you should have no problem letting them share the same cage.

What Birds Can Be Kept With Zebra Finches?

Zebra finches do best when kept with other finches as they are social creatures and enjoy the company of their feathered friends.

A zebra finch can make good companions with various finch birds, including Java sparrow, Strawberry finch, and Lavender waxbill. As always, introduce the birds correctly and provide enough space for every bird.

If you have a lot of space, you can keep zebra finches with other birds, like canaries, button quail, cockatiel, lovebird, and Alexandrine parakeets.

Generally, keeping finch species together based on their behavioral traits is best. For example, keep passive birds with other passive birds and pushy birds (active birds) with other pushy birds.

It will help to reduce the risk of aggression and fighting between the different species of birds. You must keep aggressive varieties in one cage with only one species. Star finches are timid, so they need additional space and cover. Generally, a Star finch prefers flocks of their kind.

The following are examples of passive and pushy finch birds:

  • Passive Finch Species: Society finch (Bengalese), Gouldian finch, Double-Barred finch, Red-Headed Parrotfinch, and Chestnut and Scaly-Breasted Munia.
  • Pushy Finch Species: Java sparrow, Lavender waxbill, Strawberry, and Zebra finch.

As you can see, zebra finches are considered an invasive bird species. That means they may not do well with other passive birds. So, when deciding which birds to put together in the same cage, it’s essential to keep this in mind.

Can You Put Zebra Finches With Parakeets?

Most bird experts believe you can put zebra finches with parakeets if you have a large aviary.

While these two species of birds do have some differences, such as in their size and vocalizations, they also share many similarities that could make them good companions for each other.

Both parakeets and finches are sociable animals that enjoy being around others of their kind (or even birds). Be sure to introduce the birds correctly and monitor their interactions to ensure everything runs smoothly.

It would be best to keep the different species in other areas of the aviary to have their own space. For example, if you do not have a lot of space, housing zebra finches and parakeets in separate cages would be best.

With proper introduction and supervision, there is no reason why these two types of birds couldn’t get along together harmoniously.

Final Words

After reading this article, I hope that now you know whether or not you can keep zebra finches with budgies in the same cage.

Zebra finches are social birds and usually do well when kept with other birds.

Ensure you introduce the birds correctly and provide enough space for them. Also, you must have an eye on their interactions closely at first to ensure everything goes well when keeping finches with budgies.

Do you have any experience keeping zebra finches with budgies? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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