Do Finches Kill Their Babies? Explained

The bond between parents and their children is vital. Almost all parents care for babies as they are born.

However, it is not valid for some animals, and they do not react similarly to their young ones, and some reptile species abandon their nests before the eggs hatch.

As a pet bird owner, you may wonder whether finches Kill their babies. So, the question is; do finches kill babies?

The short answer is no. Finches do not kill their young babies and often take care of their babies. Instead, they are small, seed-eating birds with large eggs clutches. The female finch incubates the eggs, and both parents feed the chicks once they hatch.

However, sometimes first-time parents may not know how to care for their young babies and may make mistakes that harm them.

Accidentally, they may peck them and kill them. Parent finches will then throw them out of the nest, where they will die from the fall if they aren’t already dead.

Now that you know that finches don’t kill their babies on purpose, you can rest assured that your pet bird will not hurt its baby finch.

Please keep reading to learn exciting facts about finches and their behavior as parents!

Do Zebra Finches Kill Their Babies?

No, zebra finches don’t kill their babies on purpose. Instead, these finches lay eggs and brood them well. However, if the young chick has caught an infection, the parent finch will kill and remove it from the nest to prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy chicks.

Zebra finches typically don’t take care of sick babies and focus on healthy ones. The birds also kill their babies if they are born with some birth deformities.

Do House Finches Abandon Their Babies?

No. In most cases, house finches do not abandon their babies. Unfortunately, not all parent finches are great parents, and many first-time parents fail to care for their young.

If a house finch is a first-time parent and does not know how to care for its young, it may abandon its nest. There are many reasons a house finch may leave its nest, including lack of experience in parenting, stress, problems with its clutch, and illness.

Other than that, usually, both parents take care of their babies until the finch parents are old enough to fly and leave the nest.

Will Birds Abandon Babies If Humans Touch Them?

No, wild birds will not usually abandon their babies if humans touch them. Many people believe that parent birds leave their young after being touched by human hands because they smell the scent of the human on them.

But it’s not a problem touching a baby bird because birds do not have particularly keen senses of smell. It is unlikely that the scent you leave will alarm a bird parent. However, there is a chance that the bird may get scared and fly away, leaving its nest and babies behind.

So, it is best to avoid touching or handling baby birds as much as possible. If you want to feel them, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before. Also, be gentle and avoid handling the bird too much, as this can cause stress.

Why do My Baby Finches Die?

You may find baby finches doing well after hatching from the egg. Suddenly, you may find them dead on the cage floor. You may not have noticed any signs of illness and wonder what caused their death.

The following are some reasons why your baby finches die:

Inadequate Food Care

One of the most common reasons why your young finches die is a lack of proper food care.

Baby finches need a diet high in protein to help them grow and develop properly. If the parents are not taking proper care of their young, the babies may starve to death.

Aside from that, insufficient food causes the cage mates to fight, and adult pet birds may kill young chicks to get food.

Lack of Space

As we all know, finches require ample space to fly around the cage. They don’t walk around or climb inside the cage like some pet birds. Finches can hop or pass from one part of the cage to another.

If you keep them together in a small cage, they will not have enough space to move around and exercise, so they will fight and kill the little chicks in the cage.

Disease or Infection

If the baby finches catch an infection, they may die from the disease. In addition, the parent finch kills the infected chick to prevent it from spreading to the other healthy chicks.

Usually, parent finches do not care for sick babies and choose to raise healthy babies.

Birth Deformed

In some cases, young hatchlings are born with deformities; if such a situation arises, parent finches abandon or kill their offspring.

Mating Urge

The mating urge is one of the reasons why baby finches die. Occasionally, male finches enter the breeding season early and have mating urges, but female finches may not be receptive.

As a result, male finches can become aggressive, which may be dangerous for both females and the young.

Inexperience Parenting

As mentioned earlier, first-time parents may not know how to care for their young. If they are inexperienced, they may abandon their nest or not know how to feed their chicks properly. This lack of experience can cause the death of many young finches.

As you can see, baby finches die for various reasons, but in most cases, it is due to inadequate food, lack of space, or disease.

As a responsible pet owner, you must provide your finches and their babies with the best care to ensure their health and safety. Always separate baby finches from their parents when they reach six weeks of age and put them in a separate cage.

Do You Have To Separate Baby Finches From Parents?

No, you don’t have to separate baby finches from their parents. Instead, the parents take care of their young until they are old enough to fly and leave the nest.

However, if you want to hand-rear the baby finches, you must remove them from the nest and care for them yourself. Remember, newborn finches require a lot of care and attention.

Keep their environment clean and dry and provide plenty of food and water. Baby finches are fragile, so handle them carefully.

You will need to provide baby finches with a diet high in protein to help them grow and develop properly. For example, you can purchase exceptional baby bird food from your local pet store or make your own by blending hard-boiled eggs and finely chopped fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, you will need to provide them with fresh water every day. As the baby finches grow, you can gradually introduce them to more solid foods.

Once they are old enough to fly, you can switch them to a regular diet of seeds and fruits. Also, you must check for signs of illness and take them to the vet if necessary.

With proper care, baby finches can thrive and grow into healthy adults. However, if you are not experienced in caring for them, it is best to leave the task to the parents.

Do Male Finches Feed Their Babies?

No, male finches do not usually feed their babies. Instead, the female finch or mother bird is responsible for incubating the eggs and caring for the young. However, in some cases, the male finch may help feed the chicks if the female cannot do so.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has answered your question; do finches kill babies and clarified your confusion about why baby finches die?

Finches make good parents because they provide proper care for their young babies. But some things, such as living conditions, space, and cage mates, may directly affect the health of baby finches.

As a pet owner, you must provide finches with a clean and spacious finch cage, fresh food and water daily, and a stress-free environment.

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