Do Zebra Finches Kill Each Other?

Finches are lovely little birds and are popular among bird enthusiasts and are known for their cheerful chirping and bright colors. 

Zebra finches are social, pleasant pet birds, and they enjoy the company of their mates. In the wild, they live in flocks and have a strong bond. They remain social and bond with their cage mates even in captivity.

But sometimes, they may get aggressive to keep others away due to space limitations. For example, when you see two zebra finches fighting, it can be shocking and make you wonder whether the birds kill each other.

So, Do Zebra Finches Kill Each Other? 

No. Zebra finches don’t kill each other. Fights between them are not fetal. In the wild, finches fight for their territory and protect their nest from other birds and predators. 

When two zebra finches fight in captivity, it is usually due to a lack of space or resources. It can get aggressive if your pet bird doesn’t have enough room to breed. The birds may also become aggressive if they feel threatened or compete for food or water.

When you see your zebra finches fighting, try to determine the cause. If they are fighting for territory, provide them with more space. If they are fighting over food or water, make sure that there is enough for everyone.

And if the fighting seems to be getting out of hand, you can always separate the birds into different cages. It will give them some time to calm down and may help them get along better in the future.

Now that you know zebra finches do not kill each other let’s discuss other facts about these beautiful birds.

Can Two Pairs Of Zebra Finches Live Together

Yes, two pairs of zebra finches can live together. They may even prefer to do so, as they are social birds. However, keeping only one pair of zebra finches in one cage is best. It would help if you kept same-sex couples together unless you don’t want to keep breeding pairs.

Keeping same-sex finch pairs can form strong bonds, so try to keep your pet finches in groups that you can maintain throughout their lifetime. Make sure you don’t move them into and out of a bonded pair.

To avoid territorial disputes, remove any nests from cages where you will keep same-sex pairs. You can also consider supporting just one same-sex pair at a time.

As mentioned, ensure enough space for them to live comfortably and plenty of toys and perches to play on. Remember that the more room you can provide, the happier they will be. 

And make sure to keep an eye on them – if there is any fighting or aggression between the birds, you will need to separate them.

Are Zebra Finches Aggressive

Generally, zebra finches are endearing birds and get along with their mates well; however, they may become aggressive for some reason. 

The following are some reasons that can induce aggressive behavior in your pet zebra finch:

Lack Of Space

Zebra finches need enough space to live comfortably. It will get crowded if you have more than one pair of zebra finches in a cage or aviary. 

Insufficient space can lead to aggression in breeding finches and other inmates as they will feel cramped in their cage and start competing for space.

Lack Of Food & Water

The finches will fight if there’s only one feed and water station or if there is not enough food and water for all the birds. 

It will cause finches to become aggressive as they try to protect their food and water from others. This is especially true if you have a lot of birds in one cage.

New Birds

Sometimes, adding new finches to the cage can cause disrupt the harmony of the finch cage. The existing finches may get aggressive, and they can play the bully and harass the new inmate. 

Therefore, you have to prepare well before adding new birds. You should add new birds slowly so they can get accustomed to each other’s presence.


Some pet birds don’t get along well with others. They will always fight if you have two such birds in one cage. If this is the case, you must keep them in separate cages.

Because of this, understanding other bird species compatible with zebra finches is crucial. If you put the wrong bird in the aviary, it can create problems for all the birds. 


Before installing it, you need to understand the situation and then install it accordingly. For example, if you have a breeding pair, you must have a nest. Otherwise, the pair may pluck feathers from the timid mates. 

However, if no breeding pairs exist, you must remove the nest to avoid conflicts between pairs since zebra finches do not have a problem sleeping on perches.

Can Zebra Finches Get Cold?

Do Finches Kill Other Birds

No, finches do not kill other birds. They are small birds and cannot kill larger birds. But they may fight for nesting spots with other birds in the wild. 

In captivity, they may fight with other birds if they feel disturbed or compete for resources. The fights between them do not result in death. Therefore, keep an eye on them; if the fighting gets out of hand, you may need to separate the birds.

Are Finches Afraid Of Other Birds

Yes, finches are afraid of other larger birds. That’s because they are often prey to these types of birds. In the wild, they stay in flocks to better protect themselves from predators. 

To avoid being eaten by predators, finches hide in dense foliage and dart out to snatch insects or seeds, then run back to safety. 

The birds sit very still on a branch, carefully surveying their surroundings before moving. When danger is perceived, they give a loud alarm call to warn other birds in the vicinity. 

Generally, finches are friendly to small birds of similar size, however, they may become aggressive if they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Final Words

I hope this article has answered your question: Do Zebra Finches Kill Each Other?

Now that you know that zebra finches don’t kill each other, you can rest assured that your pet birds are safe. 

Zebra finches are lovely and social birds. They are friendly and enjoy the company of their mates, but they may become aggressive for some reason.

Lack of space, food, and water can lead to aggression in zebra finches. They may also become aggressive if you add new birds to the cage abruptly or if there is an incompatibility between some birds.

As a responsible pet bird owner, you must provide enough space, food, and water for all the pet finches. 

Keep an eye on them and take the necessary measures to stop them if the fighting gets out of hand.