How Big Do Aussiedoodles Get?

It’s no secret that Aussiedoodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are a hybrid dog breed, crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Poodle.

Aussiedoodles are intelligent, loyal, and wonderful family pets and make great companions for people of all ages.

But one question that often comes up is how big do Aussiedoodles get?

Aussiedoodles typically come in three sizes: Toy, Mini, and Standard. The smallest is the Toy, which typically ranges from 10-12 inches in height and 6-12 pounds in weight.

The Mini Aussiedoodle ranges from 12-19 inches in height and 15-35 pounds in weight. The largest and most common size is the Standard Aussiedoodle, which typically measures 19-24 inches in height and 40-70 pounds in weight.

That was the short answer to the question, “How big do Aussiedoodles get?”

Keep reading to learn more about the size of Aussiedoodles and other considerations, so you know what to expect if you want to adopt an Aussiedoodle puppy!

Average Aussiedoodle Height, Weight, and Size

Aussiedoodles are a hybrid dog breed, which means they are a cross between two different purebreds. Aussiedoodles fall somewhere between their original parents, the Australian Shepherd and Poodle.

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized, while Poodles come in three sizes. When trained, Australian Shepherds have excellent recall because they were herding dogs. They are also excellent swimmers, so taking them swimming might be fun.

Even though both Australian Shepherd and Poodle parents have different size versions, the poodle parent often determines the size of the Aussiedoodle.

When it comes to size, the dominant gene plays a significant role. Due to this, Aussiedoodles are broadly classified into three groups, just like their Poodle parent.

Let’s discuss the average height, weight, and size of each type of Aussiedoodle:

Toy Aussiedoodles

As its name suggests, Toy Aussiedoodles are the smallest versions of this hybrid dog. The Toy Aussiedoodle is the result of crossbreeding a Toy Poodle with an Australian Shepherd.

The average Toy Aussiedoodle size is 10-12 inches, and they weigh anywhere between 4 to 12 pounds. They are miniature dogs and often stay on the smaller side even when fully grown.

While small, they have the same big personality as their larger counterparts. They make great family pets and are known for being loyal and protective of their loved ones.

However, it is more susceptible to health issues than its bigger counterparts.

Mini Aussiedoodle

The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Mini Australian Shepherd.

They are slightly larger than the Toy Aussiedoodle and typically range from 12-19 inches in height and 15-35 pounds in weight.

Like the Toy Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussiedoodles make great family pets, and people who live in apartments prefer this breed.

Mini Aussiedoodles are outgoing, friendly, and love to play. They do well with children and other pets and make excellent companions.

Standard Aussiedoodle

A Standard Aussiedoodle is a cross between a Standard Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. It’s the largest Australian doodle.

They typically range from 19 to 24 inches in height and 40-70 pounds in weight. Unlike other Aussiedoodles, this breed is very active and requires a lot of routine exercises.

If you love big dogs, then a standard Aussiedoodle is a good choice for you. However, you’ll need enough space to accommodate them because of their size and energy levels. It will be a plus if you have a good backyard.

When Is An Aussiedoodle Full Grown?

Depending on the version, Aussiedoodles reach full maturity at different ages. Larger dogs take longer to grow fully than smaller dogs because they have more growth.

Here is a quick guide on when each type of Aussiedoodle reaches full maturity:

Toy Aussiedoodle

Toy Aussiedoodles usually take eight months to reach their full height and weight. That’s because their size remains relatively small. They don’t need as much time as the Standard and Miniature versions to grow.

Mini Aussiedoodle

It takes Mini Aussiedoodles about 11-13 months to fully mature. That’s three to four months longer than Toy Aussiedoodles, as they are larger.

Standard Aussiedoodle

The Standard Aussiedoodle is the largest and heaviest of the three versions, which is considered a mid-size dog.

In addition, they are considerably taller than other varieties and stand over 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

Because of their larger size, they take longer to mature. It usually takes 12-16 months to reach full height and weight. That’s nearly twice as long as it takes for a Toy Aussiedoodle to develop fully.

Also, remember that Standard Aussiedoodles are active dogs and require a lot of exercise. Daily walks and playtime will help them stay fit and healthy.

Factors That Affect An Aussiedoodle’s Final Size

The following are a few things that affect how fast and tall an Aussiedoodle grows:


The size of an Aussiedoodle is mainly determined by the genes inherited from their parents, and their parents’ sizes are the most significant factor.

Generally, an Aussiedoodle will be a medium to a large dog if they have Standard Poodle parents. If they have Toy Poodle parents, they will be small or medium dogs.

If both Poodle and Australian shepherd parents are large dogs, their puppies are likely to be large.

That’s why it’s essential to know the size of the Poodle and Australian Shepherd parent breeds.

The Nutrition Diet

The food you feed your dog also affects its growth, development, and overall health.

A well-balanced diet is essential for a growing puppy. It should be rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for proper development.

If an Aussiedoodle is not getting enough food, it will be underweight and stunted in growth. But, on the other hand, if your Australian shepherd poodle gets too much food, it will be overweight.


Exercise can also affect an Aussiedoodle’s size. It promotes growth and bone density by burning off excess calories. Regular exercise will give your Aussiedoodle healthy, strong muscles.

However, too much exercise can harm a growing puppy since its bones and joints are still developing. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a balance in exercise.

Puppies should have short bursts of energy followed by rest periods. As they get older, you can gradually increase the amount and intensity of their exercise.

The Aussiedoodle’s Gender

Another factor that affects an Aussiedoodle’s size is its gender. Generally, male Aussiedoodles are larger than females of the same age and version.

That’s because they have more testosterone, which helps with the growth of dogs.

However, keep in mind that this is not always the case. Some females can be larger than males, and vice versa.

Is Aussiedoodles High Maintenance?

Yes, Aussiedoodles are considered high maintenance in grooming and coat care. Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs, whereas Australian shepherds have smooth, double hair coats.

As a result, Aussiedoodle hair is soft that they don’t shed a lot. However, have a thick, double coat that requires regular brushing to prevent mats and tangles.

You’ll also need to trim their coats at least every couple of months. In addition, they will need to be bathed regularly to keep their coats clean and healthy.

Aussiedoodles are also high-energy dogs that require a lot of exercises. They need daily walks, runs, or playtime to stay healthy and happy. Thus, Aussiedoodle dogs are not low-maintenance dogs.

When Do Aussiedoodles Stop Growing?

Aussiedoodles reach their full adult size between 12 and 16 months old, but they can continue to fill out and bulk up until they are about two years old.

Also, remember that each Aussiedoodles grows at a different rate, so some may reach their full size sooner or later than others. In addition, some factors can affect their growth, such as nutrition and exercise.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of An Aussiedoodle?

The average life expectancy of an Aussiedoodle is 10-12 years old; however, some can live as long as 18 years old with proper care and nutrition.

Final Words

I hope this article has helped you understand how big Aussiedoodles can get. Breeding parents play a crucial role in this.

Remember that their size is mainly determined by genetics and nutrition. However, exercise and gender can also play a role. One thing to know is that Aussiedoodles are very active dog breeds and need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

This may not be the right breed if you don’t have enough space for your dog to run around.

But overall, Aussiedoodle makes an excellent family dog and can provide years of companionship and love. They are playful and loving dogs that will make everyone in the family happy.

So if you’re considering adding an Aussiedoodle puppy to your family, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder.