Why Do Huskies Scream? (7 Reasons)

Husky is a type of dog that originated in Siberia and is known as a talkative breed.

Siberian Huskies are medium-sized working sled dogs. Their thick furry double coats, distinctive markings, and triangular ears make them easily recognizable.

Their high energy levels and playful personalities also set them apart from other dogs. People often describe huskies as “mischievous” and “energetic.” But along with these traits, huskies also tend to be very vocal.

Many husky dog owners always wonder: why do Huskies Scream? While it might be annoying to you, there are some reasons behind this behavior.

This article will explore why your husky screams and what you can do to stop it.

So, keep reading to find out!

The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Huskies Scream

Siberian Huskies are a very vocal breed closely related to their ancestors: Wolves. So it’s natural that they still share this trait with wolves.

Here are some reasons why your husky scream:


One of the most common reasons why huskies scream is that they’re trying to communicate with other huskies or their owners. It could be anything from getting others’ attention to warning other pack members.

Additionally, they can howl to let their owners know they are hungry. So, they may start howling if you aren’t around to feed them.

Instinctive Response To High-Pitched Sounds

Sometimes, Huskies scream as an instinctual response, not just as a sound. Instead, they often howl when they hear other dogs howling, a siren, a baby crying, or another high-pitched sound.

For example, if you are watching a movie scene where a wolf or husky howls, Your Siberian Husky is likely to howl. It happens all the time.

Additionally, it is believed that when their ancestors were lost or in distress, they would scream to signal the group, and when the group howled back, the missing member could find them more easily.

Since its wild ancestors screamed to find their packs, it has developed into part of the husky’s instinct.

To Get Your Attention

Another common reason why huskies scream is for attention. Huskies are a highly social animal that relies heavily on their human companions. They love being around people, and they thrive on attention.

Their screams mean they’re trying to get your attention to tell you something, for example, they may be scared or want to play with you.

If you don’t pay attention, they may try other methods (like jumping up or barking).

Bored Or Lonely

Boredom can also make your husky scream. Huskies are very energetic dogs; they need a lot of exercise and love being around people.

If your husky isn’t getting enough attention or exercise, it may start to scream out of boredom or loneliness. Be sure to provide your husky with plenty of toys and puzzles to keep their mind active.

Stress or Anxiety

Some dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone. Being away from its owner can cause the dog to cry and scream. According to one study, up to 72.5% of dogs experience anxiety symptoms.

As we mentioned above, huskies are social and loyal dogs. They can easily get attached to their owners. And, of course, the family is their pack in a home environment.

So, it’s natural for a Husky to feel abandoned and anxious if its owner is away for a long time. For this reason, we don’t recommend Huskies to busy people.

If huskies feel abandoned, they may scream or howl in an attempt to call you back to their location to alleviate their stress or anxiety. Your love and affection will keep them happy.

Excitement or Happy

Husky screams can also mean they’re excited or happy. It could be because they are excited to see their owner or enjoying themselves.

For example, if you return from work or on a long trip, you will notice your pet scream with a happy expression.

It’s not the same as a howl of sadness or pain. All Huskies will sound different, so it’s hard to explain.

Pain Or Sick

If your husky is in pain or sick, it may start to scream as a way to express its discomfort. If you think your husky is screaming due to pain or illness, it’s vital to take them to the vet to receive the proper medical treatment.

Whatever the reason, Huskies’ screams are undoubtedly unique and often startling. When you own a Siberian Husky for the first time, you should know this behavior and understand why it may occur.

If you think your husky is screaming due to pain or illness, it’s essential to take them to the vet as soon as possible.

With time and patience, you should be able to train your dog not to scream as much. Meanwhile, remember that it’s a natural part of their personality, and don’t take it personally!

Why Are Huskies So Verbal?

Huskies are often described as talkative dog breeds, Huskies talk, howl, chirp, whine, and moan but rarely bark.

Their genes are the main reason for this. Their energy, excitement, and attendance requirements may also contribute to their vocal tendencies.

As pack animals, huskies constantly communicate with humans and other dogs around them to convey their moods, demands, and interactions.

What Kinds Of Noises Do Huskies Make?

As a husky owner, you probably heard different weird noises from your husky’s mouth. It sounds like the dog is in the air.

Screaming, grumbling, yipping, and howling are among the most common. Their howls, yips, or whines are effective at communicating many emotions and expressing many different situations. All of this is a means of communicating various ideas.

For example, huskies yip when they are happy or excited. This is a quick, little “peppy” sound. Huskies make these happy noises when they play with their toys, humans, or other dogs.

However, not all huskies make all of these sounds. It’s a mix of personality and breed-specific characteristics. So don’t worry if your husky doesn’t scream; it’s not a problem.

At What Age Do Huskies Start Howling?

Young husky puppies can start howling as soon as they can vocalize. At approximately 2 to 3 weeks old husky puppies can begin making slight whine and grunt sounds.

This is when their eyes and ears open, and they’re beginning to interact with the outside world.

As soon as they reach the age of around 7-8 weeks old, husky puppies begin barking and making more precise sounds, such as howling. Initially, your husky puppy may prefer to howl instead of bark.

How Do I Get My Husky To Stop Screaming?

At the beginning of this article, we discussed why huskies howl or scream. Now we will discuss how you can stop your husky from screaming.

Give Them Calm And Firm Silence Command

The best thing you can do is provide them with another form of communication. For example, you can teach them to bark on command or use hand signals.

Whenever your husky starts howling excessively, start by giving him a calm, firm silence command like “Quiet.” They will take your tone as a negative response.

Give them a treat if they stop howling for at least 2 to 3 seconds after your command. It signifies they get a reward for not howling for a long time.

If the howling doesn’t stop after a short while, ignore them and repeat the same command.

Provide Your Husky Enough Playtime, Exercise, And Attention

As mentioned earlier, huskies are intelligent, hyperactive dogs. That means they need lots of playtimes, exercise, and devoted attention.

If you want to stop your husky from howling or screaming, you need to give him a lot of physical and mental exercise.

Whenever your Husky talks to you constantly, it might be because he misses you and wants to spend more time with you. You can also help him relax and settle down more quickly by giving him plenty of attention and care.

These tips can help to stop your husky from screaming. However, if the husky howling is not excessive, it’s best to let it go. Howling is an intuitive way for them to communicate.

By not allowing Husky communication, you will suppress a considerable part of what makes them unique and fun. Choosing a Husky is not a good idea if you cannot tolerate howling.

Why Do Huskies Scream


Huskies are well known for screaming, but this behavior is just their way of trying to communicate with their owners or pack dogs.

If you want to make it stop, the best thing you can do is provide them with plenty of attention and care.

Also, you can give them another form of communication and use positive reinforcement whenever they use those methods.

But if your husky is screaming excessively, consult your veterinarian to check for health issues.

Have you ever heard a husky howl, or if you have one? Please share your story in the comments below; we’d love to hear it!