What Birds Can Live With Budgies?

If you’re a bird lover, you may already know that budgies are social creatures that enjoy the company of other birds. However, not all birds are compatible with budgies, and choosing the right bird species is crucial to ensure a harmonious and happy living arrangement for your feathered friends. So what birds can live with budgies, you may ask, Right? Well, this is what we will discuss in this blog post.

One pain point many bird owners face is finding suitable bird companions for their budgies. While there are numerous bird species out there, not all of them are compatible with budgies, which can make choosing a suitable bird quite daunting.

So without further ado, let us dive into this article.

Five Facts About Birds That Can Live With Budgies:

  • Cockatiels are often compatible with budgies as they have similar diets and social behaviors.
  • Parrotlets are small but spunky birds that can coexist with budgies in the same cage or aviary. 
  • Java sparrows are gentle and quiet birds that make great companions for budgies. 
  • Lovebirds are another option for budgie companionship, although they can be more aggressive and require separate cages. 
  • Finches, such as Zebra finches, can also cohabitate with budgies as they are non-aggressive and have similar habitat needs.

Understanding Parakeets

To get a feathered pal, understanding Parakeets is vital. They are small, vibrant birds that are easy to look after and make excellent pets. When considering birds cohabitating with budgies, knowing their size and compatibility with other birds is essential. For example, budgies can live with lovebirds, conures, canaries, finches, and cockatiels but consider different space and diet needs.

Feed a nutritionally balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. As for housing, parakeets can live in cages or aviaries, but make sure to offer enough space and toys for mental health.

In summary, by understanding the needs of parakeets, owners can give the best care and make their feathery buddy happy. Pro tip: Before getting a parakeet, research its care and needs.

Introducing the Perfect Parakeet Pal

Time to meet a new feathered pal! Introducing the Perfect Parakeet Pal. This is the ideal heading for readers searching for a bird companion for their budgie.

What are the perks of having two birds? This article explains the benefits. Plus, find out how to introduce a second parakeet. Discover the ideal birds that can live harmoniously with your budgie and become their perfect parakeet pal!

Factors to Consider

Finding a parakeet pal for your budgie? Consider space needstemperament, and compatibility with other birds, such as canaries. Evaluate these before introducing a new bird to its aviary. It’s essential for their overall health and happiness.

Space needs? Make sure your budgie has room to fly and exercise. Depending on the size of the aviary, you can house multiple budgies and other compatible species. Research each species’ needs and behavior to check if they can coexist peacefully.

Temperament is also crucial. Look for birds with similar personalities and energy levels to your budgie. A drastically different character could lead to conflicts and stress for both birds.

Use these factors to find the perfect parakeet pal. Weigh up space needstemperament, and compatibility with other birds. Then you can ensure a harmonious home for your feathered friends. Pro tip: always research and consult with a bird expert before introducing a new bird!

Types of Birds That Make Great Companions for Parakeets

Parakeets are great friends. But have you ever thought about other birds that can live with them? Our piece will show you the different types of birds that get along well with parakeets. So we’ll give you an all-in-one guide to the best bird mate for your pet!


Lovebirds are fabulous for those wanting to extend their feathered family. They’re social and have sweet personalities. Low-maintenance, too, adapting well to home environments.

But, they need specific space, so they are best housed in pairs or small groups. Territorial, too, so introducing them to a parakeet requires patience and supervision.

Canaries and finches also make good companions with similar care needs. They can coexist peacefully with ‘keets in the right environment.

Pro tip: Monitor behavior when introducing new birds and give them lots of space to avoid conflict.


Conures are the perfect match for parakeet owners! They are so sociable and interactive. Many breeds are available, like Green-cheeked, Sun, and Nanday, and are very playful and talkative.

Before you get a conure, knowing about their space needs is essential. They need room to move, spread their wings, and play. A spacious cage with lots of toys is vital.

Not all birds can live with budgies – but conures can! Canaries may be a poor choice, as they are not as social or interactive. So, if you’re looking for a new bird to keep your parakeet company, consider getting a conure!

Remember to do research before adding any new bird to your home. Check out their care requirements and personality traits to ensure they fit well.


Canaries make great companions for parakeets. They have similar size and space needs. The birds can live in the same or separate cages. Canaries are known for their beautiful singing. This adds a pleasant ambiance to your home.

However, during the breeding season, male canaries can be territorial. They may become aggressive toward parakeets. Introduce them slowly. Monitor behavior carefully. Make sure the cage is big enough. Offer perches and toys. Proper care and attention create a lively aviary.

Pro tip: Research and consult a veterinarian or experienced bird hobbyist before adding new birds.


Finches are a great pal for parakeets. To bring them home, think about their space needs. They’ll need a cage or a huge aviary to be happy.

A great finch to live with budgies is the zebra finch. They are small and lively and love chirping, making them a great addition to your home. Society finches, diamond doves, and canaries can also live with budgies.

Before introducing new birds, check that they’re compatible. Keeping different species of birds together can be fun and give your pets extra company.

Pro tip: When bringing in new birds, ensure they have plenty of room and get along.

Read More about Finches:


Cockatiels are excellent for bird lovers who want a feathered friend for their parakeet. Cockatiels are social and like being around other birds, such as parakeets. When picking a buddy for your parakeet, consider the space needed for both birds. Cockatiels need a large cage to fly around in and stretch their wings. So, make sure you have enough room for them to share. You can also get two cages for them and place them close together, so they can communicate.

Other good choices of companions are canaries, who are also social and friendly. All in all, having a companion can make your feathered friends content and amused. Choose the suitable species that suits your home and life.

Pro tip: Before letting new birds into your parakeet’s space, let them get used to each other’s presence. Have them in different cages, but keep them in the same room.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Companion for Your Parakeet

When choosing a companion for your parakeet, you need to consider it carefully. We have our own experiences to share. So here are the factors to think about:

  • Temperament
  • Size
  • Species compatibility

Our advice can ensure your pet has a great social life and stays healthy.

Similar Size

Picking a buddy for your parakeet? Make sure it’s close – no more than 20% bigger or smaller. Also, take into account the space available. And remember to match up personalities. Unsure? Ask a vet or bird specialist.

Then, when you’ve got the perfect companion, introduce them gradually to reduce stress. Then, supervise their first meetings.


When picking a companion for your parakeet, compatibility is critical. The right bird can provide socialization and mental stimulation for your parakeet. But, the wrong one can lead to aggression, stress, and even injury. Before choosing, consider size, temperament, and space requirements. Ensure they have enough space to fly and play without getting in each other’s way.

A bird that can live with parakeets is the canary. Canaries are peaceful and have similar space requirements. But introduce them gradually and monitor their interactions. For example, consider the gender of each bird, as males are usually more aggressive than females. By considering these factors, you can select the right companion bird and ensure a healthy living situation.

Pro tip: Quarantine any new bird for at least 30 days to check for illness.


It’s essential to pick the perfect companion for your parakeet. Diet is a key factor. Get a bird with similar eating habits. Cockatiels, lovebirds, and canaries are compatible with budgies.

Feed a mix of seeds, pellets, fruits, and veggies. But avoid avocado, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol, as they can be toxic. Too much high-fat or high-sugar food can lead to obesity and health issues.

Consult with a vet or an experienced bird owner before introducing a new bird. This helps ensure compatibility and similar dietary needs. Make sure your budgie has a healthy and joyful life.

Space Requirements

When picking a partner for your parakeet, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Cage size: The cage must be at least 18 x 18 x 18 inches, and the bar spacing must be no larger than 1/2 inch. For two birds, the cage size should be more significant.
  • Personality and temperament: Parakeets get along with other small birds, such as finches, canaries, and lovebirds. Introduce them slowly and supervise their interactions to stop any aggression. Every bird has its personality so that some pairings won’t be successful.

To have a peaceful environment, consider both birds’ space needs and personalities. Provide lots of toys, perches, and food/water stations to avoid territorial issues and boredom.

FAQs about What Birds Can Live With Budgies?

What Birds Can Live With Budgies?

Adding a new bird to your budgie’s cage can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, choosing a bird compatible with your budgie’s personality and size is important. Here are some birds that can live with budgies:

Can Cockatiels Live With Budgies?

Cockatiels can make great cage companions for budgies. They are similar in size and temperament, and both enjoy socializing and playing with toys. However, make sure to introduce them slowly and monitor their behavior to ensure they get along.

Are Parakeets and Budgies the Same Thing?

Yes, parakeets and budgies are the same things! Budgies are a type of parakeet and are the most common type of parakeet kept as pets. Small, colorful, and highly social birds make great pets.

What Other Birds Can Live With Budgies?

Other birds that can live with budgies include canaries, finches, and lovebirds. However, it’s essential to do your research and ensure the bird you choose is compatible in size and temperament.

Is it Safe to Keep Different Bird Species Together?

Keeping different bird species together can be safe as long as the birds are compatible and have enough space to move around. However, monitoring their behavior and ensuring they get along is essential, as some birds can be aggressive toward each other.

What Should I Do if My Birds Aren’t Getting Along?

If your birds aren’t getting along, separating them and monitoring their behavior is vital. You may need to provide separate cages or supervised playtime until they can tolerate each other. If the aggression continues, keeping the birds in separate cages may be best.